December 13, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

As I put up my Christmas Tree each year, I love that every ornament has some sort of memory attached to it.

Let me share some with you...

This is the first ornament I remember getting. I received it from our family friend, Kevin when I was really young. And for some reason, I started the tradition that this has to be the first ornament I put on the tree each year. 30+ years later, it's still my tradition!

My ornament collection was started by my parents (i.e. mom), who give us ornaments each year.
Sometimes they come from places they've traveled to throughout the year. They went to New York City one year, so we got ornaments from Macy's (before Macy's took over the retail world & was everywhere!) {2001}

Another one from my parents {2006}

From my parents. Love Rudolph! {1999}

From my cousin Christa, when we still did gift exchanges on that side of the family. This isn't dated, but I'm guessing it's from about 1984 or 1985

From my friend, Gretchen, who had just traveled to Israel & brought this back {2009}

A gorgeous angel from one of my supervisors, Linda, when I worked at Spring Arbor {1998}

I love antique looking ornaments. Got this one at Pottery Barn

And this one at Crate & Barrel

From my sister's wedding {2010}

From my friend, Meredith, in high school {1994}

My great-grandparents used to get all of us grandkids engraved ornaments each year on Christmas Eve {1986}

Speaking of my great-grandparents, my Grandma G. used to knit (or was it crochet?) & she would sometimes put these cute stockings on her gifts. {cir. 1986}

From my friend, Mandi {2000}

My cousin, Katie, got married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving & had one of the most beautiful weddings. These snowflakes were the table favors. {2006}

From my co-worker, Jenn {2006}

One year, I was on an ornament-making kick & made several ornaments as gifts. I ended up keeping several for myself {2003}

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