December 14, 2011

The Gifts are Wrapped

I love wrapping gifts. Maybe even more than shopping for them!

And it's a running joke in my family that as soon as the gift is unwrapped, the ribbon is handed back to me. Because, yes, it's usable again. And before you think I'm some sort of hoarder, I don't keep the generic gift wrap ribbon. I'm talking about keeping ribbon like this:

I love getting new ideas on how to present a gift to someone. And Pinterest has been a great source for ideas. In fact, I created a board dedicated entirely to gift wrap.

Let me share with you this year's wrapped gifts. I call these the poor girl's gift wrapping options. It didn't cost me a penny because everything I used - paper, ribbon & tags - I already had on hand.

A while back, I purchased a bunch of picture frames. To protect the frames, the store wrapped them in thick white paper. I used that paper to wrap most of my gifts this year.

And because white paper is a little boring, I brought out all my colorful ribbon to dress them up. Here I used green, red & tan ribbon to create a unique bow.

I love yarn pom poms. So I made 2 little ones in dark red & attached them to the top of this gift.

I found this idea on Pinterest: reusing grocery bags to make a fun gift topper. This one is a Target bag. It looks better in person than it does in the photo.

I love Trader Joe's! Their brown bags make a great wrapping paper. I had to use 2 bags to cover this gift. The seam of the 2 papers is covered with the Christmas tree ribbon. I added coordinating yarn to finish it off.

Speaking of Trader Joe's bags, at Christmas time, their bags come with holiday prints on them. This year, they have cut out gift tags & decorated strips you can use. I used two of the strips here & topped it with foil candy cups.

Another way I used the candy wrappers.

And finally, these are wrapped in white paper & topped with simple gold & green ribbons.

So there you have it, ways to wrap your gifts without spending much!


  1. ADORABLE!!!!! You are so creative and fun!! Are any of those mine? :)


  2. You get the one with the red pom poms :)