January 28, 2011


It's January 28 & I'm beginning to wonder if winter will EVER go away!

Unfortunately, spring is a good 2 months away. And I'm not sure I will make it.

The winter blues have hit hard.

But today was a bit sunny. It's amazing what a difference a little sun can make.

And it was above 20 degrees. I didn't even have to wear my down coat. This is progress!

I decided that if I have to endure winter, I'm going to try to find the beauty in it.

So I wondered outside & this is what I saw

January 27, 2011

Another Field Trip

On a cold, winter day

tired of being cooped up in the house

the Art Institute was calling my name

and it was free (my favorite thing!)


So come on in, take a tour with me

Jitish Kallat: Public Notice 3
on the grand staircase

Monet & other Impressionists


Trying to avoid the large groups of elementary students on their own field trip, I ducked into a side room with some ornate furniture

And armor

The kids have moved on, so back on track


and to view it like Ferris Bueller...

(unfortunately, my camera couldn't zoom any closer to see all the dots)

On to the new Modern Wing

Chagall's America Windows

Ok, enough of the modern! Moving on...

American Art before 1900 - Prairie School

Tiffany Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright

Sculpture Court

American Modern Art

American Gothic

Georgia O'Keefe

Mary Cassatt

John Marin - Watercolors

Enough for today, maybe we'll visit the rest of the museum soon