October 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. A sign of the season: today was the last Farmers Market until next May (*sniff*)

2. Why does Anthropolgie have to be so darn expensive?

3. I can't wait for Christmas music

4. Watching the rescue of the Chilean miners was amazing

5. I heart Groupon

6. I currently have an obsession with photographing the autumn trees

7. I love that it's trendy right now for us girls to wear flowers or any embellishment on our clothes or in our hair

8. There's an Amish bakery in downtown Chicago (a bit ironic, I know) & I've fallen in love with their cinnamon donut holes. Oh my heavens, they're amazing!

9. I have finally (and reluctantly) put away my summer clothes...pretty sure the days of 80 degrees are behind us

10. Trying a new restaurant can sometimes be risky, but when it turns out to be delicious & cheap - BINGO!

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