October 30, 2010

6 Years Ago

Six years ago today, I moved to Chicago.

Six years! Where does the time go?

Here are pictures of my place when I went up with mom a couple of weeks before the move to sign the lease & get the keys.

Living Room

View from living room

Dining Room

Entry Hallway



Wow, my apartment looks really small in these pictures. And really clean!

I came across pictures of the actual moving day, and they crack me up...
We all look so different now.
Everyone looks exhausted.
Much of the stuff in these photos I no longer own.
And looking at the chaos nearly gives me a panic attack.

Let's reminisce about that day for a moment...

When I rented the moving truck, I chose its size based on the website's recommendation of the size of my apartment. Apparently, I can fit a TON of stuff in a small space. Because that moving truck fit only about half of all my stuff! Thankfully, we had my parent's SUV & my car, which were filled to the brim. The look on my dad's face when he saw how much I was trying to fit into the truck was priceless! But thanks to my friend (and former boss) Jess, she used her spatial visualization skills to fit more into that truck than we ever would've been able to.

The drive to Chicago was pretty uneventful, except for the wind storm we were having that day. The temperature was unseasonably warm, but that wind made driving on open highways a little scary at times.

Wind during October means flying leaves. I was still finding those leaves in my things weeks after I moved in.

I wasn't part of the unloading crew, but I heard that fitting (er, cramming) my couches into the elevator was quite fun!

My sweet sister stayed with me my first night in the big city.

And I haven't moved since then.

I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with my building, but I love my neighborhood. It's a historic neighborhood with gorgeous, old houses & quiet streets.

The church a few blocks away rings its bells 2 times a day, playing familiar old hymns.

I am just a few blocks away from Lake Michigan.

And even though it's further away from downtown than I originally wanted, I now wouldn't want it any other way. It's far enough to be away from the busyness of downtown, yet close enough to be there in a few minutes.

Happy 6 Year Anniversary to me!

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