January 18, 2011

I'm No Pioneer Woman

But thanks to her new cookbook, I can pretend I am!

Now, I don't ever claim to be an expert cook. I'm not even a huge fan of creating meals. I think a big reason is because I live in a small apartment & my kitchen is about the size of a closet. I have approximately one square foot of free counter space to work with.

No joke, see?

That's all the space I have. So making anything other than a bowl of cereal is a royal pain.

But, I decided I want to make more of an effort to cook real meals. Hence the cookbook.

So the first recipe I attempted is the Enchiladas.

I went to the store to buy the ingredients

Cut up the onion

Simmered the sauce

Prepared the meat

Then quickly fried up the tortillas (Did I mention this is NOT a low-fat recipe. In fact, pretty sure none of the recipes are, which is why they're so good!)

Tortillas finished, now ready to be filled

Dipped in the sauce, filled with meat, green onions & cheese

Here's my kitchen in the midst of all this. No space goes unused!

Tortillas filled, rolled & in place. Sauce on top, just waiting for the cheese.

Baked & ready to eat!

They were really good...recipe #1 a success!

Lasagna is next!

And doesn't it feel good when everything is cleaned up?

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