January 13, 2011

I Took A Field Trip

During this "sabbatical" I'm taking, one of my goals is to do things I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to do.

During the summer months, that's a bit easier since I don't want to be kept inside & am always seeking ways to get out. But during these winter months, I sometimes have to force myself to get out of the house & go do something.

Unfortunately, "doing something" usually costs me something. And since I'm not really bringing in any money, I try to be careful how I spend what money I do have.

One of the great things about living in a large city is there are sometimes opportunities to do things for free. This month, all the major museums are offering several free admission days.

So today, I took a field trip to the Field Museum. I'd never been to this museum, so I thought free admission was a good enough reason to go!

Now, I'm not really a museum person. I get bored really quickly. And I find my self more interested in the gift shop than the historical artifacts!
However, I did enjoy myself a little more than usual since there was practically NO ONE in the museum. So I didn't have to fight crowds of people, or avoid being run over by strollers. I could take my time reading about the exhibits & get as close as I wanted for a great view.

Here's what I saw








Next up...the Art Institute

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