September 9, 2010

The View From Here

This morning, I woke up early (well, early for me!) and headed downtown. Why? Because my bathtub drain is giving me problems & it weirds me out to be home when maintenance comes to fix things. So I high-tailed it out of here as quickly as I could this morning.

I stopped and got a coffee (which was perfect for a cool morning) and hung out at my new favorite spot.

Along the river...

under the Trump Tower...

reading "Crazy Love"

By the way, if you haven't read this book yet, you should!

Then I went to the market & scored some Honey Crisp apples & blueberries. Yum!!

And then I met a dear friend for lunch.

Today, I decided to wear real shoes (as opposed to flip flops) for the first time since May and my feet were not happy. See?

Looks like I won't be wearing regular shoes for a couple of days. Back to the flip flops!

(Is it weird I just took pictures of my blisters? And please ignore the fact that my feet desperately need a pedicure!)

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