September 22, 2010


Last fall, on a gorgeous sunny day, I decided to give myself a challenge: go around the city & try to find every letter of the alphabet. I don't mean actual letters, but rather things that looked like letters. Here are some samples of what I found that day.

Can you see the letters?

At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with these photos, but was pretty confident an idea would come.

And sure enough, it did.

When I was showing a friend the pictures, I came to the letter that starts her name & she said "hey, that's my letter". That's all I needed to start the ball rolling. So as a Christmas gift, I took her letter and added her name, the meaning of her name & one of her favorite Bible verses. I then matted & framed it.

I was so excited at how it turned out & couldn't wait to give it to her! I was pretty confident she would like it too. But I wasn't quite prepared for her response. After opening it, she sat there in silence, just staring at it. A range of emotions washed across her face...surprise, amazement, pride, gratitude.

At the time, I couldn't pinpoint the essence of these emotions. But now I think I know. There is something unspeakable about seeing your name in print. It means you are important, you are recognized, but above all, that you are known.

Here's her picture

Her response has encouraged me to do more. I have since done a handful of others, some as gifts for personal friends and some at the request of friends to give to others.

And everyone who has received them has much the same reaction. Affirmation in being known.

Here are the others I have created

When I hear the recipient's response to his/her picture, there is something that stirs within me. It's easy for me to just look at these as projects, but they really are much more than that. They are meaningful gifts that will be treasured.

They've been given as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, baby gifts, birthday gifts & Christmas gifts.
I would love to work with you to create a gift that will touch someone deeply.

If you would like one, please go to my Etsy site and we can start working on your personalized photo today!

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