May 23, 2010

One Week In

It's been one week and here's what I've done:

1. Bathroom has been scrubbed floor to ceiling - soap scum is gone!!!

2. Bedroom closet is organized & with a bit more room - bags of clothes ready for Salvation Army

3. Went to a Farmer's Market

4. Purchased my personal health insurance. And that's not cheap! Didn't realize what a good deal I had with employer-sponsored insurance.

5. Had two massage therapy appointments. Completely covered by insurance. See #4 above. Going to miss that perk I won't get with my new insurance!

6. Made & mailed out some cards

7. Created a budget

8. Ate out only once. In my working days, I would go out for lunch every day & out for dinner at least two times a week. At the end of this week, I still had cash in my wallet!!

9. Received an Etsy order!

10. Got my hair cut

11. Contemplated whether or not to apply to this year's Chicago Renegrade Craft Fair

12. Worked on last-minute things for my sister's bridal shower

13. Spent a rainy afternoon in the bookstore with a cup of coffee while skimming several books

14. Confirmed that going to the grocery store hungry & without a list is downright dangerous, no matter how much will-power I may think I have

15. Finished off a box of chocolates

16. Had a dream nightmare that I went back to work at my old job because I was bored

Hope you all had a great week!

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