July 11, 2012

Vacation {2012}

Our family had our annual vacation in South Haven, MI last week.

Several years ago, the weather was so chilly we wore jeans & sweatshirts more often than shorts & swimsuits.

This year was the complete opposite. Most days were above 90 degrees. So we spent much of our week inside with the air conditioning. It was even too hot to be on the beach during the hottest part of the day.

All this to say I didn't take too many photographs of this year's vacation. But truthfully, if you want to see what we did this year, check out my other vacation posts here and here and here. We're creatures of habit & don't change our routine too much from year to year!

"Our" beach

Just before sunset

The beach at sunset

My sis & me

One of our traditions is my dad takes each of us out for breakfast once during the week. This year, my sister & I teamed up. Here's dad with his girls :)

And because of the heat, this is what most of our days consisted of...a cold drink & a good book, under the umbrella

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