February 6, 2012

From Pinterest to Real Life

Pinterest is a great source to find creative ideas, recipes, & home decor. So many times, I see something & think to myself "I should do that!"

Like this.

I recently came across this photo canvas project & loved it the idea of it.
source: www.bluecricketdesign.net

And I have a spot above a doorway that would be a perfect spot for it.
I found a large canvas at Blick Art Store.
My walls are full of photographs, so just any photo wouldn't work. And since the canvas is fairly large at 16 inches by 20 inches, it's going to be a focal point.

So I created & ordered this, using the words from one of my favorite hymns
I found a patterned paper I loved and cut it to fit the sides of the canvas.

I then used Mod Podge to adhere them to the canvas. If you haven't ever used Mod Podge, it's miraculous stuff!! It can be used as a glue, but also as a finishing medium on top of your product. I slathered that stuff over the paper and now it looks and feels like it's one with the canvas.

Mod Podge works on photos too. I attached the photo print to the front of the canvas with the Mod Podge, it's never coming off! I also put 2 coats on top of the photo to give it some texture.
Now that's a bit scary looking!
But thankfully, it turns out just fine :)

You can't see in the photos above, but there are gaps on the corners & edges between the paper & the photo. So I got brown acryllic paint, added some black paint to darken it & painted in the gaps and edges. I covered parts of the paper & photo as well, to give it a more vintage feel.

And here's what my wall looks like now.

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