October 20, 2011

Sunrise to Sunset {with some wine & apples in between}

I have always wanted to watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan in Chicago,
then drive over to Michigan to watch it set on the other side of the lake.

This weekend, I got my wish.

My sister, her sister-in-law & I planned a fun day of sunrises, wine tasting, apple picking & sunsets. With a bit a driving mixed in.

~Here's a photo journal of our day~

October 15, 2011

Sunrise over Lake Michigan
{view from Chicago}

It's early, but we're bundled up & ready for the sun

Leaving Chicago & heading to Michigan...
of course we hit a traffic jam on Lake Shore Drive

but soon, our views changed from busy highways & skyscrapers
to open roads & trees

Apple Picking at Jollay Orchards
{Coloma, MI}

Karma Vista Winery
{Coloma, MI}

Their views are just as amazing as their wine!

Lemon Creek Winery
{Berrien Springs, MI}

They were extremely busy, so we didn't stay for wine tasting

But there was some more gorgeous scenery to photograph, so not a complete loss!

Round Barn Winery
{Baroda, MI}

Tabor Hill Winery
{Buchanan, MI}

Stray Dog Restaurant for dinner
{New Buffalo, MI}

Sunset on Lake Michigan
{view from Union Pier, MI}

boots + beach = perfect October evening
the wind was blowing so strong & steady, we had to brace ourselves to not fall over
but it created beautiful ripples in the sand

fighting the wind




A gorgeous end to a perfect day!

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  1. Great photos! I love the shadow one on the beach and of course, the sunrise and sunset photos. Michigan is just to the north of me but I haven't been there forever, you have inspired me to put it on my "places to go" list.