August 15, 2011

Weekend with Bryant & Emily

My brother & sister-in-law came to visit me this weekend

The weather could've been a little better

We got to an art fair at a garden center just in time for a huge rain storm to hit

Once the rain let up, we headed to Navy Pier to check out the Tall Ships

They were pretty cool

And then another storm starts rolling in

Unfortunately, this one didn't let up and ruined our plans for a movie in the park

So instead, we ordered Thai food & watched a movie at home

Sunday's weather was little more promising

We went to Grant Park

Walked along the lake front while Bryant dreamed about buying a boat

And ended up on Michigan Ave

which including a visit to Marilyn Monroe

I usually laugh at tourists for doing this, but this day, I was one of them!

I had a great time, Bryant & Emily! Let's do it again.

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