July 20, 2011

How To - Displaying Your Favorite Cards

If you've read this blog for long, you know I love getting cards. And every once in a while, I will get a card that I love too much to throw away (pack rat, anyone?).

The problem is I
quickly run out of flat space to prop them up. But it doesn't do any good to have them sit in a box either.

So I came up with another to display my favorite cards. And you can too!

You need a frame that will hang on the wall. Any size frame will do. I found one I was no longer using that measures approximately 16x20.

Take out any pictures in the frame and remove the glass. You won't need it for this project.

You now need to find something to attach the cards to. I went through my ribbon stash to find a handful that worked well together. If ribbon isn't your thing, you could use string or fabric or even wire. Be creative!

Plan out your color palate. I decided to go with a blues & greens.

Cut the ribbon longer than the fram, allowing extra room on either end

Using tape or glue, secure one end of the ribbon to the back of your frame. To add interest, I spaced the ribbons unevenly across the frame (no ruler needed!).

With one end of the ribbon secure, cut the other end short enough to not hang over the edge, but long enough to still be taped to the frame

Once both ends are securely taped, you're ready to hang it!

I decided to cut the covers off the cards. If you would like to keep the card intact, you can. I wanted a cleaner look.

After cutting the cards, figure out how you want the cards spaced within the frame

To change out your cards as often as you'd like, they can be attached several ways: with a fun paper clip, with poster putty, or with double sided tape.

Once done, you'll have a creative piece of art hanging on your wall!

***sorry about the poor photo quality, I took these at night***

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