May 16, 2011

One Year

**NOTE: This was scheduled to be posted on May 14, but something must have happened to Blogger. So here it is, a few days late.**

One year ago today, I walked out the doors of a corporate office building for the last time.

And walked into a world of unknowns.

I made the choice to leave a job & career that I didn't love, in pursuit of a career that I was passionate about.

And in an economy where people were unwillingly losing their jobs, it may have seemed a bit careless. But I never saw it that way.

Am I worried about finding steady work again? A little.
Am I afraid I will have to go back to job I won't like? Yes.
Do I regret this decision? Never in a million years!

I have no idea what the next few months hold for me professionally.
But I'm excited to continue this journey!

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