December 21, 2010


Each year, I love pulling out the box of Christmas ornaments, picking up each one to put on my tree & briefly holding on to the memory each one has.

I think this is one of the oldest ornaments I have, receiving it as a young child. And it's always the first ornament I put on my tree each year.

My parents (well, more likely my mom!) have been awesome at giving us at least one new ornament each year. So when I had my own tree, I already had a great collection of ornaments.

This snowman was from 2003, from a trip my parents took to NYC. I think this was bought at Macy's, before Macy's took over the retail world & was something special only in New York.

I love the homemade ornaments from when we were kids. This reindeer is made from clothes pins. How cute is that?!

And even more cute is what's written on the side: "To: Carrie, From: Christa".

It must have been from a family gift exchange when my cousin Christa had my name.

Speaking of family, my great-grandparents would get each of us grandkids a personalized ornament every year. I have numerous metal ornaments like this with my name & the year etched on them. This one's from 1993.

My great-grandma also used to crochet/knit, and this stocking ornament is one of her creations.

And speaking of homemade, I decided one year (2002, maybe?) to make ornaments for friends & family.

This gold & white star is made of corsage pins & beads.

And this clear ornament is stuffed full of gorgeous Christmas ribbon.

This angel was given to me by one of my supervisors when I worked in the Advancement Office at Spring Arbor University. I love that I have something to remember my time working with them.

And what is the Holiday season without Rudolph? This is another one from my parents.

I like to shop for ornaments each year to add to my collection. Here are some of my favorites.

What are some of the stories behind your Christmas ornaments?

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